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государства.  Вы становитесь частью первого в мире государства с прямой 

демократией и блокчейн-экономикой; Вы влияете на политику Децентуриона и 

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случае пассивного участия, и больше — в случае активной работы, а также 

занимая министерские должности.

Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News

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Russell Howard’s Good News Series 6 Episode 8 stand up from the magnificent ventriloquist Nina Conti, enjoy!

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видео курс, основанный на 26 летнем опыте  исследований Г. Н. 
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Comment (39)

  1. What are you all talking about… her skills are weak… her voice and the puppet voice aren't much different from each other, her articulation sounds exactly like what shes trying to do, (talk with her teeth shut) and honestly i didnt laughed at all… sorry i guess she isnt for me… shes sexy as fuck tho… i wouldnt mind watching her act if im going to hit that afterwards

  2. I love women who play a mans game as equals, not hating men, not stereotyping themselves, just working with their talent. And Nina Conti has that. Proper female role model ❤️

  3. Lotta comments are either thinking with their dick, or giving her too much credit. She's still learning evident by her forgetting when she's talking to move her lips. Decent banter but really it's hard to establish yourself in something like this when Sammy J and Randy, or jeff dunham exist. A seldom seen profession which is hard to master, extremely hard to write a script for, but also just a pain in the ass to learn. Still, too many of y'all saying she's a hot woman and all women are funny and stuff along the same lines. She might be decently funny but work is clearly needed to properly hone the act, and I'm sure she has in the six or so years since this released. Just basing this off the comments and the single video.

  4. That was really cruel to put that small old lady in a bag. And I can't believe it's legal to mail a wee little old lady like that, but them Brits are quit different from us.

  5. And they tried saying nobody can really multitask?!?!?!?! If she ain't multitasking, I don't know what you call it… LOL, she's very talented. People don't know how hard that is. I guess she's to clean for the masses, because I thought she was funny.

  6. She is way ahead of us, playing as if the puppet is controlling her. watch closely her mouth does not move when she is playing herself.
    That is when the puppet is her. She is very funny!

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